Politics Department


Politics Department

In our small, discussion-based classes led by a faculty of accomplished scholars, you will explore enduring questions about freedom, justice, equality, and democracy.

Our Politics Department offers a rich, rigorous curriculum, covering a breadth of fundamental topics, including American Government, Political Theory, International Relationships, and Comparative Politics. As a Politics student, you will grapple with the ethics of power, the successes and failures of the American system, the causes of war, and the world’s manifold political structures. Throughout your time at Saint Mary, you will have numerous opportunities to see political concepts in action: through our vibrant student government, in your internships, and in on-campus learning experiences. 

Above all, we at Saint Mary’s strive to remember that politics is, at its most elemental, people coming together. To that end, we emphasize issues of peace, social justice, and the common good, both at home and abroad. 

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Scholarships for Politics Majors

In addition to need and merit-based scholarships, incoming Politics students are eligible for the Departmental Scholarship, totaling $13,000 per year.

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Political Opportunities on Campus

Be a part of Saint Mary’s lively political scene! Join one of the many political clubs on campus, check out our Intercultural Center, and make your vote count in our student government.

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Cathleen Huston, Assistant