Theology and Religious Studies Department (TRS)


Welcome to a vigorous and ongoing exploration of life’s most compelling questions! 

Theology and Religious Studies are two tributaries of the same river. The discipline of Theology focuses on the divine, inviting students from all faiths and none to wrestle with perennial questions like: Is there a God? How can we know God? Can we proclaim that “God is love” in light of the Holocaust? And, ultimately, how should we then live?  

The discipline of Religious Studies, more theoretical and anthropological than Theology, uses the tools of various disciplines to analyze religious phenomena and discover how we create meaning. Religious Studies explores how religion interacts with other important dimensions of human life, such as politics, economics, and social constructions of race and gender.  

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In addition to need- and merit-based aid, prospective and current students are eligible for several scholarships, including the TRS ​​Departmental Scholarship totaling $13,000 per year.


Dr. Thomas Poundstone, Department Chair

Lori Erokan, Administrative Assistant
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