Theology and Religious Studies, BA

Theology and Religious Studies, BA

Our program is designed for students who are fascinated by big questions and how humans have responded to them, throughout history and worldwide. 

We will prepare you to systematically and critically analyze a wide range of theological perspectives and ethical questions that are central to the formation of religious identity. As a Theology and Religious Studies major, you will have the opportunity to explore many facets of the Christian tradition—biblically, historically, theologically, ethically, and aesthetically—and a wide array of world religions. In our increasingly diverse nation and globalizing world, it is crucial that responsible citizens and future leaders understand the beliefs of our neighbors and dialogue partners. 

Our outstanding, attentive faculty will guide you through the myriad dimensions of religion in culture, particularly in courses that focus on the intersections of religion and critical issues of gender, race, and economics. And as a Hispanic Serving Institution, we offer courses that explore dimensions of Latinx religious experience and spirituality.

Graduates of our program are critical thinkers with a passion for the people. You will be well equipped for a future in academia, ministry, public service, and so much more.

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Majors in Theology & Religious Studies will:

Core Curriculum

  1. MEET the outcomes for both “Christian Foundations” and “Theological Explorations” of the SMC Core Curriculum.

Major Content

  1. DEMONSTRATE an understanding of the biblical, theological, historical, and ethical components of the Christian tradition.
  2. DEMONSTRATE an understanding of the implications of the Catholic concept of the fundamental dignity of the human person.
  3. DEMONSTRATE an understanding of the worldview (e.g., beliefs, practices, etc.) of a non-Christian religious tradition.

Major Skills

  1. DEMONSTRATE an ability to employ contemporary theories and methods of biblical exegesis, systematic theology, and religious studies.

DEMONSTRATE an ability to explain, analyze, and evaluate multiple informed perspectives in debates about theological and ethical issues.

Saint Mary's Testimonials

“The faculty at Saint Mary's definitely changed my life. There was a lot of support that I don't think I would have found in a larger college setting. They grew to know me and what I was capable of and I felt like there was a definite kinship that developed where however much effort I gave in my classes, my teachers were also supporting my goals.”

Amanda Benson, '06


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School and Department Information

Dr. Tom Poundstone, Department Chair

Lori Erokan, Administrative Assistant

Department phone number: 925-631-4048