Health Science, BS

Health Science, BS

Jumpstart a career in helping people thrive.

This major will provide you with a unique interdisciplinary perspective on human health. Guided by our esteemed faculty, you’ll explore the structure and function of whole organisms (microbe, plants, animals) and the fundamentals of health—biological, chemical, physical, and psychological. You’ll hone your ability to reason through unfamiliar problems, the tools to investigate topics in-depth, and the communication skills needed to share information with others.  

With our small class sizes and numerous opportunities for clinical experience or hands-on research, you can make lasting connections in our tight-knit community of difference-makers.


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Learning Outcomes

Students who graduate with a major in Health Science will

  • Demonstrate understanding of the biological workings of the human body and its relevance to human health; 
  • Understand the practice of scientific inquiry through laboratory experimentation including the logic of experimentation, data analysis and ethical implications;
  • Critically analyze, interpret, and synthesize scholarly material through a high level of written and oral communication; 
  • Demonstrate a high degree of professional integrity and social awareness through consideration of social inequities and respect for the value of individuals, communities, and perspectives of difference.

Saint Mary's Testimonials

“My experience as a health science major has opened my eyes to the wide range of career opportunities in the health field. Most importantly, the courses were beneficial for my future goals because they provided me with the knowledge and inspiration to help others be the best and healthiest version of themselves.”

Alyssa Vessel, '22


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