Capstone Project and Proposal Guide

Student at computer

All declared Communication majors must complete the Capstone course (COMM 196) before graduating. If you plan to take the course for Spring 2022, you should submit your proposal by Friday, Nov. 5, 2021.

The Capstone project you produce in COMM 196 represents the culmination of your experience studying Communication with our department. It requires you to make a scholarly or creative contribution to the field of Communication Studies and should draw upon the work you have accomplished in your major courses.

To secure a place in a section of COMM 196, write up your proposal by answering the questions on our handy Capstone Project Proposal Guide about the research or creative project you plan to complete, detailing the topic, method, and theories that you will use. If you need help focusing your interest into a proposal, you can email Communication Chair Ellen Rigsby ( She'll be happy to help you. Then email your proposal (attached to an email as a digital copy) to Administrative Assistant Lori Erokan (

Please note: you won't be able to register for the course by yourself. A committee will read your proposals to place you in sections by topic, so be sure to leave room in your Spring 2022 schedule for either M/F 1:00-2:35pm or T/Th 1:15-2:50pm, depending on your type of project (see below about our advisors), or depending on your schedule. Once your proposal is approved, we will register you for COMM 196. 

Students planning to produce a media-based project: you must have completed at least one upper division application course. For basic guidelines for producing a media-based Capstone project, see the Capstone Media Project Guide.

There will be two Capstone sections for Spring 2022. If your project is Qualitative/Quantitative based, you should sign up for the Mon/Fri class (1:00-2:35pm), taught by Veronica Hefner. If your project is Media/Production based, you should sign up for the Tues/Thursday class (1:15-2:50pm), taught by Dan Leopard. If you have a different type of proposal, sign up for whichever section fits in with your schedule. Both professors can advise on any type of project. Remember: make sure you leave space for the class time when you register for the rest of your classes!