Capstone Project Proposal Guide

FINAL SUBMITTAL DATE FOR SPRING 2019 CAPSTONE PROPOSALS IS FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 2018. (Note: late proposals may result in deferring your enrollment in Capstone until a later semester. Don't miss the deadline!)


To register for your Senior Capstone Project (COMM 196), you must submit a proposal describing the research project you plan to complete. Follow the Capstone Project Proposal Guide when preparing your proposal.

The Capstone project you produce in COMM 196 represents the culmination of your experience studying Communication with our department. The Capstone course requires you to make a scholarly or creative contribution to the field of Communication Studies and should draw upon the work you have accomplished in your major courses.

Because the course is research-driven and requires students to be self-motivated, the Communication department expects you to prepare for your Capstone experience by producing a short proposal detailing the topic, method, and theories that you will use in your research or creative project. In the semester before you intend to register for Senior Capstone, you must follow these steps to secure a space in the course:

1) Review the Capstone Project Proposal Guide and prepare a project proposal that addresses all of the areas listed on the guide.

2) Submit the proposal as both a hard copy and a digital copy to Lori Erokan, our Administrative Assistant in the Communication Department. Leave your hard copy at her office at Sichel 105B, and email your digital copy to her at:

3) You cannot register for Capstone using GaelXpress. Department faculty will review all proposals and place you in one of the available sections of this course.

4) Students planning to produce a media-based project must have completed at least one upper division application course. For basic guidelines for producing a media-based Capstone project, see the Capstone Media Project Guide.

Class time for Capstone (COMM 196), Spring 2019: Monday and Friday, 1:00-2:35pm.