Spearheading the discussion on responsible business

Michal Strahilevitz

In addition to being the Director of the Elfenworks Center for Responsible Business, Michal is the Guyette Endowed Professor of Responsible Leadership.  She is the faculty advisor for the Saint Mary’s College chapters of both Net Impact and Marketing Club. She is also the faculty mentor of both the Elfenworks Student Fellows and the Guyette Responsible Leadership Fellows. Michal’s research, teaching, strong media presence, doctoral dissertation supervision, and service all focus heavily on areas related to sustainability, CSR, charitable giving and well-being.

Michal has received multiple awards from Saint Mary’s College, including 2 Faculty Provost Research Awards and the CILSA faculty engagement award. She has also received multiple research awards from the School of Economics and Business Administration. She is regularly quoted in major media outlets including the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Forbes, US News and World Report, the San Francisco Chronicle and the Washington Post. Her  multidisciplinary work has led her to publish in leading journals in the fields of marketing, business, psychology, transportation and healthcare. She is an official blogger on Psychology Today and has a Podcast about happiness and well-being. [Listen on Spotify]