Teaching Leadership, MA Admissions

Teaching Leadership, MA Admissions Teaching Leadership, MA Admissions

30 units total

Level I: Foundational Coursework (12 units)

The foundational coursework is designed for teachers who are participating in an induction program.  If you are a Novice Teacher, you will complete the four Level I courses by May of the application year. 

If you are an Experienced Teacher with 5 or more years experience, you may challenge Level I coursework by writing a paper about your experience relative to the California Standards of the Teaching Profession (CSTP). 

Year 1

  • EDTL 600 (3 units) Developing Teaching and Learning Practices
  • EDTL 610 (3 units) Connecting Teaching and Learning Practices

Year 2

  • EDTL 700 (3 units) Exploring Teaching and Learning Leadership
  • EDTL 710 (3 units) Investigating Reflective Learning

Level II: Advanced Coursework (18 units)

  • EDTL 811 (3 units) Teaching Leadership: Theory to Practice
  • EDUC 575 (3 units) Introduction to Action Research
  • EDUC 576 (3 units) Research Framework and Design
  • EDUC 577 (3 units) Data Collection and Analysis
  • EDTL 841 (3 units) Teaching Leadership to Transform School Culture
  • EDUC 578 (3 units) Synthesis for Teaching Leadership