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Our scholarship and grants are designed to make a graduate education more accessible to those pursuing our bachelor completion, credential, master's, and doctoral programs.

There are a wide range of scholarships available, including diversity-based, merit-based, and others. Below you can explore your options, and if you're an applicant from the United States, be sure to file a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) before applying for additional funding.

To receive a KSOE scholarship, you must be an active student in a KSOE program and enrolled in academic credit units during the term where the scholarship will be awarded. Scholarship funds will be applied directly to your SMC student account.  Funds are applied after the Add/Drop date in the term(s) in which you are registered in courses.  In addition to this scholarship, we encourage you to meet with a representative from the SMC Financial Aid Office to determine eligibility for additional aid.

All scholarship-related questions can be directed ksoe@stmarys-ca.edu


Important Note: KSOE scholarships are available to NEW and CONTINUING students.

  • KSOE scholarship applications can be submitted at any time. Priority deadlines are  March 1 and October 1st of each academic year.
  • KSOE scholarship applications can be submitted at the same time as your admission application. Funding is dependent on being accepted into the program.
  • All program candidates may be considered for KSOE scholarships, including international students. Eligibility for a specific scholarship is determined by award criteria.
  • Annual award announcements are made on a rolling basis and will vary by program and scholarship.

Counseling Scholarships

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Pursue Your Passion

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Leadership Scholarships

MA in Leadership Cohort 31 celebrating the completion of their program at their executive weekend.

Lead On

Find out about Leadership program scholarships

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Teacher Education Scholarships

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Pave the Way

Find out about Teacher Education program scholarships

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General KSOE Scholarships

This scholarship embodies the mission and vision of KSOE and it is awarded annually to both new and continuing students. Recipients of the Dean’s Excellence Award are considered during the admissions review process and reconsidered each academic year by faculty from each program. Students from all programs offered through the KSOE are eligible for this scholarship. Award amounts may vary from year to year based on available funds. This award was previously processed as the Dean's Admission Scholarship.

To be eligible, student must also submit a FAFSA.


The Lasallian Educator Fellowship Program is a collaboration between Saint Mary's College, Kalmanovitz School of Education and the Lasallian District of San Francisco/New Orleans. Its purpose is to prepare quality educators for our Lasallian schools. Lasallian schools are established to provide a quality education for youth, with a preference for serving the poor. This fellowship program is designed for Saint Mary's graduates whose vocation is to become an educator (teacher, counselor and/or administrator), for other college graduates who aspire to become Lasallian educators, and to non-credentialed personnel who serve in Lasallian schools. To learn more and to apply, click here.

To be eligible, student must also submit a FAFSA.

More Information

The Kalmanovitz School of Education offers a 50% tuition reduction for teachers, administrators, and counselors who have been employed full-time for the past year in Catholic K-12 schools, colleges, or universities or who have a contract for such service for the coming year. The reduction is available for up to six graduate units taken per academic year (Summer through Spring). The Catholic School Educator Tuition Waiver Application form, obtained from KSOE, must be signed by the respective Catholic school pastor or principal and filed at the time of registration. A new application for tuition reduction must be filed each academic year.

To be eligible, student must also submit a FAFSA.

The Dee Cobo Scholarship supports graduate education students and can be applied toward tuition in any term. Eligibility criteria include:

  • A student enrolled in the School of Education
  • Exhibits financial need

To be eligible, student must also submit a FAFSA.


Saint Mary’s College participates in the Veteran Affairs Yellow Ribbon Program, a provision of the Post-9/11 Veterans Educational Assistance Act of 2008. Education Benefit Program applications for members of the armed services should be sent to the Registrar’s office on campus.

Letters seeking advice or information concerning the program should be addressed to:

Veterans, PMB Box 4748
Saint Mary’s College
Moraga, CA, 94575-4748.

For further information please contact Lisa King in the SMC Financial Aid Office.

The Lasallian Mission & Ministry (LMM) Scholars are part of the two-year Lasallian Educator Fellows Program. The LMM Scholars are graduate students enrolled at Saint Mary’s College, live on campus, and are also part-time staff members in the Mission and Ministry Center. They work with other MMC staff members to plan and implement MMC events and programs, and are an integral part of the team which consists of 4-5 staff members and 15+ student leaders.

The LMM Scholars are graduate students enrolled in the MA Leadership Program at Saint Mary’s College.

Benefit Highlights:

  • 50% tuition reduction
  • Free room and board (housing on campus and a meal plan) for the duration of their Leadership program/work in the MMC (The limit on room and board is two years, even if the student’s enrollment goes beyond two years for any reason)
  • Hourly paid position in the MMC (10-15 hours per week) for the academic year (summer work possible but not guaranteed)
  • Ongoing mentorship and professional development opportunities with MMC staff
    Continued Lasallian formation activities though the MMC and Office of Mission

To learn more and to apply, click here.


Additional Scholarship Opportunities

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Other Resources

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The Saint Mary's College Library has created a catalog as a resource for students interested in finding assistance with grants, scholarships, subsidies, Government aid, and loans.