Executive DBA

Executive DBA

Chart your course to high-level leadership.

At Saint Mary’s College, our innovative EDBA track is designed for experienced business professionals and managers who want to become practitioner-scholars, helping forge a more thoughtful, equitable economy and society.

Guided by our seasoned faculty, you will expand your theoretical and analytical understanding and apply your new knowledge to complex business situations. Ultimately, you will leave our program well-equipped to be “thought leaders”—whether running your own company, starting a consulting firm, or training the next generation of professionals.


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Program Duration


3 Years - Classes begin October

Year 1: Coursework
Year 2: Coursework + dissertation proposal defense
Year 3: Dissertation defense

Learning Environment


Flexible Class Schedule

Online/in-person hybrid
Small class cohort
Ample networking opportunities

Return on Investment


Salary Outcomes

$193,000 for CEOs with a DBA - (Payscale, 2019)

Program Details

Applicants for the Executive DBA Program are a diverse group of highly motivated senior executives, representing a wide range of industries and backgrounds.

Academic preparation:

  • Applicants for admission to the Executive Doctorate of Business Administration program must hold a master's degree or its equivalent from an accredited college or university.
  • Applicants must have at least ten years of work experience.
  • December 10
  • February 25
  • June 10
  • September 9

About the Hybrid Program

You will gain the basic knowledge and skills needed to be successful in advanced graduate business courses. You must meet the requirements for all seven foundation courses; however, you may qualify to have these courses waived based on previous academic work. 

Year 1

First year Course 1 Course 2
Quarter 1 – Oct-Dec ORB 901 - Leadership and Organizational Behavior: Theory and Practice ORB 902 - Becoming an Applied Scholar Through Scientific Inquiry
Quarter 2 – Jan-Mar OPS 903 - Quantitative Research Methods and Statistical Analysis OPS 904 - Qualitative Research Methods and Data Analysis
Quarter 3 – Mar-Jun OPS 905 - Integrative Research design MGT 906 - Strategy & Business Models for a Global Marketplace
Quarter 4 – Jul-Sep EDBA 991 - Dissertation Proposal Research Practicum 1 

EDBA 991 - Dissertation Proposal Research Practicum 1


Year 2

Second year Course 1 Course 2
Quarter 5 – Oct-Dec MKT – 907 Marketing: Applied Theory and Practice  MGT 908 - Innovation: Theory and Silicon Valley Perspectives
Quarter 6 – Jan-Mar FIN 909 - Corporate Finance Seminar OPS 910 - Operations and Supply Chain: Research and Practice
Quarter 7 – Mar-Jun EDBA 992 - Dissertation proposal Research Practicum II ACCTG 911 - Accounting Theory and Application
Quarter 8 – Jul-Sep EDBA 993 - Dissertation Proposal Research Practicum III EDBA 993 - Dissertation Proposal Research Practicum III


Year 3

Third year Course 1 Course 2
Quarter 9 – Oct-Dec EDBA 994 - Dissertation Research Thesis I ORB 912 - Knowledge Dissemination From Theory to Practice
Quarter 10 – Jan-Mar EDBA 995 - Dissertation Research Thesis II EDBA 996 - Research Colloquium
Quarter 11 – Mar-Jun EDBA 997 - Dissertation Research Thesis III EDBA 997 - Dissertation Research Thesis III
Quarter 12 – Jul-Sep EDBA 998 - Dissertation Research Thesis IV EDBA 998 - Dissertation Research Thesis IV

Saint Mary’s offers generous financial assistance to both undergraduate and graduate students, through grants, scholarships, work-study and loan programs.

Tuition for the Executive DBA Program:

  • 2022-23 Academic Year: $122,400 total

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