Fitness Sessions

Fall 2021 schedule will be available the first week of instruction. 


Description of classes available for members.

Spin with Beckie Join Beckie in her 45 min in-person spin class. This cardio intense class will get your heart rate going!  Make sure to bring a towel and water bottle for your ride!
HIIT with Hannah High-Intensity Interval Training with Hannah. 
Kettlebell with Koda This kettlebell class is a total body workout that will strengthen all of the key muscles in the body!
Core Pilates with Hannah Hannah will lead our in-person core training with a pilates focus.  
Quick Core with Koda This core class will include 30 minutes of moderate core focused exercises to strengthen your abdominal and back muscles while increasing flexibility. This class is great for anyone who wants to lose weight, achieve more well-defined abs, improve posture and increase overall strength.



Virtual Fitness Classes Available for the SMC Community

The National Recreation Movement is about staying active together, even when we’re apart. Sign up here with your SMC email.