Fitness Sessions



Fitness Session Descriptions | Spring 2024


Pilates | Tuesdays 5:30 PM | Group X Room

Starting February 6th - Elevate your fitness journey with our dynamic Pilates Fusion class, a perfect blend of barre, yoga, strength training, and cardio. Tailored for all levels, including beginners, our expert instructor will guide you through graceful movements that sculpt, stretch, and strengthen your body. Experience the elegance of ballet-inspired barre, the tranquility of yoga, the power of strength training, and the exhilaration of cardio – all in one invigorating session. Instructor: Andrea

WELL Yoga | Wednesdays 5:30 PM | Group X Room

Starting February 7th - Embark on a transformative yoga journey with our WELL Yoga class. Move, breathe and strengthen with intention. Create focus, clarity and fun while learning in a safe, inclusive and just-the-right-amount of challenge atmosphere. Join our YogaWell Community! Instructor: Mel

Gael Thrive | Wednesdays 6:30 PM | Club Sports Lounge 

Starting March 6th - In Person Dynamic Group Circle with Mel: A simple shift in habit or mindset can create a huge accumulative transformation. Join Mel to explore a weekly micro yogic habit or two that are easy and totally transformational. This fun and heart centered time will leave you inspired and energized to make the shifts that you desire. Instructor: Mel

Circuit Training  |  Wednesdays 6:00 PM | Functional Training Room

Starting February 7th - Experience a dynamic and invigorating fitness journey with 'Circuit Training with Jake.' Join Jake on a transformative workout adventure that blends strength, cardio, and agility exercises, ensuring a comprehensive and results-driven fitness session tailored to elevate your overall well-being  Instructor: Jake

Spin | Thursdays 4:00 PM | Spin Room

Starting February 8th - Don't miss this 45 minute cycling class. This cardio intense spin class will get your heart rate going!  Make sure to bring a towel and water bottle for your ride! Beginners welcome. Instructor: Beckie

Intro to Boxing Movement & Conditioning | Thursday 6:00 PM | Functional Training Room

Starting February 8th - Awaken your inner strength at our vibrant Boxing Movement and Conditioning class, tailor-made for college students. Experience an exhilarating fusion of cardio, strength training, and precision boxing techniques that promise a complete transformation. Instructor: Leonardo 

VIRTUAL WELL Yoga | Fridays 2:00 PM - 2:35 PM | Virtual Class

Starting February 16th - Online Virtual Group Yoga Class with Mel: Join Mel from anywhere you are and jump into an accessible, feel good class that will help you clear your head, energize your body and inspire your heart. This is a great way to feel good and finish your week strong. Instructor: Mel 

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