Program Details

Innovative design for teacher development

Program of Study (30 units total)

Level I: Foundational Coursework (12 units)

The foundational coursework is designed for teachers who are participating in an induction program.  If you are a Novice Teacher, you will complete the four Level I courses by May of the application year. 

If you are an Experienced Teacher with 5 or more years experience, you may challenge Level I coursework by writing a paper about your experience relative to the California Standards of the Teaching Profession (CSTP). 

Year 1

EDTL 600 (3 units) Developing Teaching and Learning Practices

EDTL 610 (3 units) Connecting Teaching and Learning Practices

Year 2


EDTL 700 (3 units) Exploring Teaching and Learning Leadership


EDTL 710 (3 units) Investigating Reflective Learning


Level II: Advanced Coursework (18 units) and current class schedule


EDTL 811 (3 units) Teaching Leadership: Theory to Practice


EDUC 575 (3 units) Introduction to Action Research


EDUC 576 (3 units) Research Framework and Design


EDUC 577 (3 units) Data Collection and Analysis


EDTL 841 (3 units) Teaching Leadership to Transform School Culture


EDUC 578 (3 units) Synthesis for Teaching Leadership