KSOE Application Deadlines


The Kalmanovitz School of Education has been educating counselors, teachers and leaders for more than 50 years. Each program is distinct and the admissions process is designed to help us identify and select candidates who we feel will be the best fit for our programs. While we have specific admissions requirements, we take a holistic approach to evaluate applicants and examine all criteria evenly.


suzy thomas

Counseling Application Deadlines

The Counseling Department is open for applications for Fall and Spring Semester start.

KSOE students gathered on campus near the SMC Art Museum

Leadership Application Deadlines

The Leadership Department is open for applications for Summer and Fall Term.

A teacher and student working together

Teacher Education Application Deadlines

Depending on the program, the Teacher Education Department is open for applications for Jan Term, Spring Semester, Summer Term, and Fall Semester start.