Degree Requirements

The Master of Arts in Intercultural Communication is an accelerated program that offers a manageable schedule.

Students will complete a total of 36 units to graduate, with two exciting travel opportunities. 

Required Courses (units)

COMM300 Foundations I (3)
COMM301 Foundations II (3)
COMM305 Applied Research Design (3)
COMM306 Applied Research Methods (3)
COMM310 Communication and Culture (3)
COMM311 Identity and Intercultural Communication (3)
COMM390 Internship (3)
COMM399 MA Thesis (6)

Electives (units)

COMM312 Interpersonal Communication (3) or COMM315 International Communication (3)
COMM380 Advanced Topic in Intercultural Communication (3) 



Sample Course of Study:

1st Year

Fall I

COMM300 Foundations I (3)
COMM305 Applied Research Design (3)
COMM310 Communication and Culture (3)

January Term I

Curriculum Development

Spring I

COMM301 Foundations II (3)
COMM306 Applied Research Methods II (3)
COMM311 Identity and Intercultural Communication (3)

2nd Year

Fall II

COMM390 Study Abroad or Internship (3) 
COMM312 Interpersonal Communication (3)
COMM380 Advance Topic in Intercultural Communication (3)

January Term II

Applied External Internship

Spring II

COMM380 Advanced Topic in Intercultural Communication (3) 
COMM399 MA Thesis (6)


Course Descriptions