M.S. in Business Analytics

Turning Data into Actionable Business Intelligence

U.S. News and World Report ranked the College's Hybrid Non-MBA Graduate Business Programs #26 nationwide (up from #49 last year!). The report also listed the Online MBA Program as fifth in California.

The world of business is awash with data from a myriad of different sensors, transactional records and online behavior. As data volumes have grown exponentially, organizations are looking for the talent necessary to turn the data into information, knowledge and, ultimately, the sort of intelligence required to make decisions adding significant value to the enterprise. The competitive advantage is not so much in the collection and storage of big data, but in the analysis of data, big and small, to foster productivity, innovation, and growth. There is significant scarcity of talent that can elicit managerial implications from this type of comprehensive data. Offered both in Moraga and in Silicon Valley, the Saint Mary's M.S. in Business Analytics Program aims to develop graduates who can perform sophisticated analytics for actionable business opportunities and decisions.

Unlike similar programs at other institutions, the Saint Mary's M.S. in Business Analytics Program is taught from a business school perspective. This provides graduates with a clear employment advantage: they will not only know how to collect, process, analyze, and understand data—they will also be able to employ analytical and critical thinking skills to leverage data in making critical business decisions.

Whether you are interested in understanding how data can help consumer companies market more effectively to their target audiences, in leveraging investment trends to plot more successful portfolio strategies, or in analyzing processes to maximize supply chain effectiveness, the Saint Mary's M.S. in Business Analytics Program can help you reach your career goals.



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