Advisory Board

A unique aspect of Saint Mary's M.S. in Business Analytics Program is the Advisory Board. The board was established to provide valuable input in curricular and programmatic development, enhance student's professional and career development, and assist in real-life business analytics projects for students in the practicum course.

  • John Ahrendt, Senior Vice President of Enterprise Data & Analytics, Wells Fargo
  • Hendrik Bartel, CEO and Founder, TruValue Labs, Inc.
  • Imani Dunbar, Global Analytics & Operations Leader, LinkedIn
  • Victoria Grillo, Director of Demand Planning, Trinchero Inc.
  • Kristine Mechem, Vice President of Marketing & Planning, OncoCyte Corporation
  • Kelan Raph, Founder, GrandCanal Solutions, Inc. 
  • Melissa Ross, Senior Vice President - Business Operations, SageMedic Corp.
  • Linda Schumacher, Vice President - Analytics & Data Strategy, Qualified Digital
  • Cathy Tanimura, Sr. Director of Analytics and Data Science, Strava
  • Sanjay Trivedi, Director of Analytics, Salesforce
  • Daqing Zhao, Director of Advanced Analytics,