Solidarity and Support for Victims of Turkey/Syria Earthquake

by President Richard Plumb | February 15, 2023

As many of us have followed the ongoing news coverage since last week, we are witnessing a calamitous humanitarian crisis in southeast Turkey and northwest Syria after a devastating earthquake and series of powerful aftershocks.

The death toll has now passed 40,000, and the impacts on families, children, and others are unimaginably painful and excruciating to observe from afar. While human suffering can be difficult for us to comprehend, we pray for relief and recovery for all those affected by this terrible tragedy.

For those who may wish to support relief efforts, demonstrate our solidarity with the victims, and assist our fellow brothers and sisters in Turkey and Syria, there are many established relief organizations in need of financial contributions or other means of support. Some of those include:

News of natural and human disasters like what we’re seeing in Turkey and Syria is unsettling and worrisome for many of us at Saint Mary’s, and some members of our campus community may, understandably, feel anxiety, concern or other emotions as the situation continues to unfold. This may be especially true for our students, faculty, and staff members with direct or indirect ties to parts of that region.

For those who may be struggling and in need of support resources, please consider reaching out to our Counseling & Psychological Services (CAPS) team, the Mission & Ministry Center, or the Employee Assistance Program.

We know that our fellow Gaels are a great resource at Saint Mary’s for ensuring that we remain a safe, caring, and inclusive community. Please be observant of your peers and colleagues who may be struggling with the news of this and other global disasters, and look out for one another, especially those who may be the most vulnerable.


Richard Plumb, Ph.D.