Employee Assistance Program

Seek EAP to help you find additional resources best suited to meet your needs. 

Phone: Call toll-free, 24 hours a day, seven days a week: (800) 977-7585 
TDD: (800) 327-0801
Website: members.mhn.com
Company Code: smceap

An EAP is a service designed to help you manage life's challenges. MHN customizes EAP solutions by understanding your unique needs and then offering the appropriate assistance or referrals. The following services are available to eligible members:

Clinical Counseling

Your EAP provides assessment, assistance and, when necessary, referral to additional services. Eligible members may be entitled to face-to-face or telephonic consultations for a wide range of emotional health, family and work issues, including:

  • Marriage, relationship and family problems;
  • Domestic violence;
  • Alcohol and drug dependency;
  • Stress and anxiety;
  • Depression; or
  • Grief and loss.

Work and Life Services

Your EAP also features services to help you balance work and life and take care of all kinds of chores and challenges. Telephonic consultations are available in the following areas:

Childcare and eldercare assistance - Needs assessment plus referrals to childcare and eldercare providers (depending on your plan, you may also be entitled to help with other parenting matters, and/or to referrals to providers with current, confirmed openings).

Financial services - Budgeting, credit and financial guidance (investment advice, loans and bill payments not included), retirement planning and assistance with tax issues.

Legal services - Telephonic or face-to-face consultations for issues relating to civil, consumer, personal and family law, financial matters, business law, real estate, estate planning and more (excluding disputes or actions between you and your employer or MHN).

Identity theft recovery services - Information on ID theft prevention, plus an ID theft emergency response kit and help from a fraud resolution specialist if you are victimized.

Daily living services - Referrals to consultants and businesses that can help with everyday errands, travel, event planning and more (does not cover the cost nor guarantee delivery of services).

Online Member Services

Access helpful information and powerful emotional health and work-life tools online. You can:

  • Search for an MHN counselor and get a referral
  • Ask our expert an emotional health question
  • Access online assessments and self-help programs for stress, depression, insomnia, anxiety and substance abuse
  • Access online estate planning information and tools, including an online will-making program

Find helpful tips, tools and articles

**Please note that the product features offered under your plan may vary from those described above. Please consult MHN, your benefits manager or your benefits documentation (such as an Evidence of Coverage booklet or Summary Plan Description) for detailed product and employee/dependent eligibility information.

Eligible members are entitled to 8 telephonic or face-to-face clinical consultations per incident, per calendar year.

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