Counseling And Psychological Services (CAPS)
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When you need help with a personal problem that you feel is interfering with your life and your happiness in some way, therapy is available to help you clarify the issues, sort out the options, and make changes.

Many students experience anxiety, depression, problems in their relationships, or discomfort and dissatisfaction in their lives. Oftentimes, this can stem from previous experiences and relationships which unknowingly impact our present situation. 

Saint Mary's Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) feels strongly about working in a collaborative manner and as a result each decision about the treatment process will be discussed as sensitively and as openly as possible. Your therapist will get to know you and ask information about your reason(s) for coming to CAPS. They will take time in these first meetings to talk about counseling and will share what they feel would be the best way to proceed. If, after talking with your therapist, it is agreed that CAPS would be beneficial, you can schedule regular appointments.


Helpful Document Links for Students:

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Helpful Tools/Links for Faculty and Staff:

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