Mark your calendar for the biggest day of Gael pride and community on Tuesday, May 3! Celebrate the college and honor the people and places that matter most to you with a gift.

1Day1SMC is our day of giving where our entire Gael family comes together in support of current students and their futures. 

No matter how big or small, your gifts today make a significant difference for today’s students. We invite you to donate to the programs that you care about most. 

Saint Mary's continues to be a vibrant college, full of personality, exploration, and connection. Students continue to passionately embrace knowledge, the challenges of scholarship, and the capacity to make lasting change in the world. 

Gaels are readied for a life of meaning and action. They are transformed by their experiences here and transform the College and each other, in return. Confident students enter to learn and leave to serve. Just as they ever have.

Create opportunities and open doors for today’s Gaels during 1Day1SMC.

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