College Campus Copiers

College Campus Copiers

Information regarding the Departmental copier fleet

The College Departmental copiers are all maintained by Shamrock Office Solutions.

The copiers all have Shamrock ID labels on the front of the copiers.

All copiers have a maintenance agreement . If your copier is broken or malfunctioning please call the number on the Shamrock ID label. Give them the ID # and a breif description of the problem. Shamrock will schedule a technician to come out and repair the copier within 4 to 24hours of the call.

Toner is included in our contract with Shamrock.

The Department is responsible for calling Shamrock and ordering toner. This will be provided at NO CHARGE. It is suggested to order 2 bottles of toner at a time. Make sure to reorder when you are putting the 2nd bottle into the copier. This will eliminate the problem of running out of toner and having to wait for shipment from Shamrock. In the event that you do run out of toner and have none in reserve please contact Print shop at ext. 4374. We can provide you the name of a department with a similar copier to borrow toner until your shipment arrives. No one will ever contact you about ordering toner for your copier. If this happens it is a SCAM! Please disregard their comments and refer them to John Palmieri at ext.4374










Staples and paper are not provided.

These supplies are to be purchased by the Department from the appropriate vendor.

Staples should be purchased from Shamrock. This can be done by calling the number on the Shamrock ID label. Give Shamrock the copier ID # and how many staple cartridges you would like to purchase.

Paper should be purchased from the Warehouse. Follow the proper procedure for ordering from the Warehouse.

Recycling old toner cartridges

Here is the link for recycling used Ricoh toner bottles.

Any other questions about the Campus copiers can be directed to John Palmieri II at Ext. 4374