Post Office

Post Office

USPS mail delivery,slower and temporarily more expensive


The changes mean an increased time-in-transit for mail traveling long distances, such as from New York to California. Most first class mail (61%) and periodicals (93%) will be unaffected by the changes. Single-piece first-class mail traveling within the same region will still have a delivery time of two days.

The Postal Service defines first-class mail as “standard sized letters and flats.”  That’s different from first-class packages, which are typically used for shipping smaller, lightweight packages. 

The Post Office will implement holiday pricing on all parcels. The pricing change will happen the middle of October of every year and last till the new year.


Holiday Schedule

Post Office will be closed from December 23rd till January 2nd 2024. If you have an emergency please contact 

John Palmieri II @ 925 878 9509

Post Office Hours (Summer Hours)

Monday - Thursday 9:30am till 3:30pm

Friday 9am till 3pm

Closed Saturday & Sunday


Package Deliveries

The Post Office will if able to put incoming parcels directly into your PMB. If however the package is to large to fit into your box, we will either put a slip into your box telling you to come into the Post Office to retrieve your package, or a parcel locker key.

Parcel Lockers: We will be utilizing the Parcel Lockers located in the Post Office general area. In an effort to reduce the traffic in and out of the Post Office we will be putting as many packages into Parcel Lockers as possible on a daily basis. Incoming packages will be put into a parcel locker and the key to the locker will be placed into your PMB Box. You will have 5 days to retrieve the package. If you do not retrieve the package in 5 days, it will be returned to sender.

Amazon orders (Alana Lockers): The Post Office recommends that if you OR your parents are ordering from Amazon that they utilize the Amazon Parcel lockers on campus. They can find the Amazon lockers (called Alana) under alternate shipping address for the zip code 94575.



Who should I contact if I need further information?

 John Palmieri II at ext. 4882 or via email at For general information about the USPS please visit the USPS site.


Guide for Proper Addressing:


  • Department Name
  • 1928 St. Mary's Road
  • PMBxxx
  • Moraga, CA 94575


  • Student Name
  • 1928 St. Mary's Road
  • PMB xxxx
  • Moraga, CA 94575