Apply for Accommodations




    Accommodation Applications

    There are two applications availalbe, depending on what type of accommodation you are requesting.  Requests for housing accommodations will use the Housing Accommodations application.  All other accommodation requests should go through the Academic Accommodation process.  Students applying for both Housing and Academic Accommodations will fill out two applications, one for each area.


    Follow this THREE-STEP process to apply for accommodations:


    1. Submit an online application requesting accommodations
    2. Submit documentation to support your request
    3. Schedule an Intake Appointment to determine accommodations

    Step 1

    Students with disabilities who have not yet registered with Disability Services can start their request for services by logging on to the SDS portal to fill out an online application. Have your SMC login and password available. Expect to spend between 5 and 15 minutes filling out the New Student Application.

    • Please note that you cannot save and return to the application; once you have begun you must finish, otherwise you will lose your progress when closing the page.
    • Once submitted, you will receive an automated confirmation email to the address you supplied on the application. If you did not receive an email, your application was not successfully submitted.

    Step 2

    You will be prompted to upload documentation about your disability and/or past use of accommodations that will assist Disability Services in considering your request. Appropriate medical documentation should be provided by a diagnosing professional (e.g. a doctor, psychiatrist, or therapist) and should include the diagnosis, limitations/symptoms, and possible recommendations. If you do not already have documentation, you can use this form: 

    Scan your documentation and upload the file(s) with your application. Please note there is a 3MB limit on each file. If you have more than 6-10 pages, you may need to break it into multiple uploads.

    • Call (925) 631-4358 if you have questions or difficulty with file upload.
    • Documentation can be submitted separately by email ( or by fax (925-631-4164) if you are unable to upload.

    Step 3

    Once your application and documentation have been submitted, the final step is to meet with an Disability Services Coordinator for an intake appointment. The purpose of this appointment is to discuss student needs in detail, set up initial accommodations, and to answer any lingering questions. 

    • A Disability Services coordinator will reach out within one week of application submission to schedule an appointment.
    • You can also call the front desk at (925) 631-4358 to schedule an appointment


    grad grounds

    Action to take when commit to SMC

    The process to apply for accommodations is a separate process from applying for admissions to SMC.  Once a student is admitted to SMC and has been assigned an SMC ID number, the student can start the process to request accommodations.  Future students may schedule a pre-admission appointment to meet with Disability Services to learn more about the services offered.



    • Accommodation requests, including but not limited to registration, housing and classroom accommodations will go through this process
    • Requests for meal plan exemptions are handled by The Good Eating Company
    • Accommodations requests are not retroactive. Students can apply for accommodations at any time, but are encouraged to apply before the term starts.