Suggested Syllabi Statement


The faculty is strongly encouraged to include a statement on their syllabi directing students to Disability Resources, should they need accommodations or assistance for a disability. Such a statement indicates the faculty member’s willingness to assist in the provision of reasonable accommodations and informs the student of the institution's legal responsibility to provide necessary accommodations. A syllabus statement opens the lines of communication making it more likely that a student who needs accommodations will disclose that need to the faculty member.

Approved syllabus statement

The College strives to make all learning experiences as accessible as possible. Students who anticipate or experience academic barriers based on a disability are encouraged to contact Student Disability Services (SDS) to set up a confidential appointment to discuss available services and options.

The Student Disability Services office can be reached by emailing; calling 925-631-4358; or visiting the office located in Filippi Academic Hall FAH190.