Performance and Theatre Studies

The Theatre: Performance and Theatre Studies major track is not just for actors. A range of courses in theatre history, theory and criticism, as well as in performance technique and production experience, make it ideal for students wishing to pursue directing, playwriting, or dramaturgy, among other possibilities. Students pursuing a major in Performance and Theatre Studies must complete the following required lower and upper division courses: 

Major Requirements:

Lower Division:

1 Perceiving the Performing Arts (Performing Arts departmental course)

30 Foundations of Theatre I

33 Acting I: Principles of Performance

35 Theatre Masterpieces: World Drama (.5) 

36 Theatre Masterpieces: Modern Drama (.5)

37 Performance Lab (.25 x 4, for a total of 1.0 units)

42 Introduction to Technical Theatre (.5) or 48 Stagecraft (.5)

Upper Division:

130 Foundations of Theatre II 

132 Performing Arts in Production (.25, 5 or 1.0, for a total of 1.0 units)

142 Theatre Production Practicum (.25 or .5 for a total of .5 units) 

133 Acting II: Characterization and Scene Study

136 Theatre Seminar: Special Studies

137 Acting III: Adavnced Acting

A choice of either:

  • 140 Stage Management(.5) or
  • 148 Stage Lighting Design (.5) or
  • 149 Design for the Stage(.5).

198 Senior Project (Performing Arts departmental course) 

And two upper-division theatre electives, from a pre-approved list.