Undergraduate Petition to Withdraw from a Course


The Petition to Withdraw from a Course Form is used to withdraw from a single course, or two, after the add/drop period and up to the 10th week of instruction during the Fall and Spring semesters. If you plan on dropping your entire schedule during a semester (i.e. Fall, Jan Term, Spring) you need to either complete a Leave of Absence request, or a Withdrawal from the College. (Students taking courses during summer session(s) are not required to fill out one of these two forms as summer sessions are considered optional terms.)

For Jan Term and Summer Session(s), please refer to the Academic Calendar for the deadline to withdraw from a course—typically, the end of week 2—without Academic Penalty.

All withdrawal requests will be processed effective the date of submission of this form. Any withdrawal requests for a future date will not be honored and you will be required to resubmit the request when the withdrawal is scheduled to take place. The course will remain on your academic record, but the "W" grade will not be calculated into your grade point average. For information pertaining to tuition refunds, please visit the Business Office website by clicking here