Data Science Degree (STEM)

Data Science Degree (STEM)


All organizations collect data, but turning that data into actionable insights requires the analytical knowledge and skills developed through a Data Science degree. At Saint Mary’s we leverage the Bay Area’s network of industry leaders and culture of innovation to provide students with hands-on opportunities to gain the tools they need for career success. Here, we’re turning data science into an art.


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A curated path to career success

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Rooted in Saint Mary's tradition of critical thinking and advanced communication skills, the Data Science degree prepares students to extract meaningful insights from data and develop actionable solutions.  Our award-winning faculty has designed a streamlined and focused curriculum, ensuring you receive the essential courses needed for success in your career path, while providing support every step of the way.

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A Message from our Business Analytics Professor

"Data is the new oil, but with data science you have the power to refine it and transform it into a fuel that drives innovation and progress. Become a master in the art of finding insights, creating solutions, and shaping the future with our Data Science degree."

Saint Mary's College Data Science Club

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Join the Data Science Club

The Saint Mary's Data Science Club has been student-driven from its inception, with a focus to: foster learning, drive innovation, and promote ethical data practices.

The Data Science Club continues to cultivate a dynamic community through the exploration and analyzation of data to solve real-world problems. Through continuous growth and outreach, their goal is to transform data into actionable insights for a better and more equitable future for everyone.

Degree Curriculum

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Get to know our well-respected faculty and their academic specialties. Or explore scholarship opportunities and an array of internship possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

A data science degree is an undergraduate program focused on the study of data analysis, statistics, programming, and machine learning.

The Saint Mary’s data science degree program consists of 55-58 units total

Students with a data science degree can pursue a variety of career opportunities including (but not limited to), data scientist, data analyst, machine learning engineer, data engineer, business intelligence analyst, data consultant, research scientist, AI specialist, and more.

Students with a data science degree develop a wide range of skills including data analysis and interpretation, statistical modeling, machine learning techniques, data visualization and storytelling, programming languages, problem solving and critical thinking and more.

The Data Science (BS) degree emphasizes a deeper engagement with advanced mathematics and statistics as it relates to analyzing and interpreting complex data sets. This includes courses in calculus, linear algebra, probability and statistics, and machine learning. The Data Analytics (BA) degree, while also including statistical foundations, may have a slightly less intensive mathematical focus. It covers essential statistical concepts and methodologies for data analysis but may not delve as deeply into the more advanced mathematical theories that are central to the data science discipline. This difference reflects the more technical and model-oriented approach of data science compared to the broader, application-focused approach of data analytics.

Saint Mary’s students can expand their network by attending campus events, joining the SEBA Data Science Club, connecting with guest speakers on LinkedIn, visiting the Career Center on campus, exploring internship opportunities, and building meaningful relationships with students, alumni, and professors.