Honors Program Benefits and Requirements

Honors Program Benefits and Requirements Honors Program Benefits and Requirements

Membership in the program is free and entirely voluntary. You can drop out any time without any consequences. Our program has nothing to do with national Honor societies where you have to pay yearly dues. We are here to support you during your undergraduate years, and to help you grow and fulfill your potential while making lifelong friends.


What are the benefits of being in the Honors Program?

  • individualized curriculum and research developed by our most dynamic professors
  • network with students and alumni from all majors and programs
  • present research at the National Collegiate Honors Council Conference and the annual Spring Research Symposium
  • priority class registration
  • study and work for social justice in the San Francisco Bay Area
  • get honors credit on your transcript and recognition at commencement 
  • participate in internship, graduate school, and career development workshops
  • be part of a close-knit community of like-minded students and develop friendships through social, academic, and service-based activities
  • field trips in the Bay Area such as Oakland A’s games, the Monterey Aquarium, museums, theater and more!h


  • Maintain a 3.5 GPA (if your GPA drops slightly below we will work with you to bring it back up)
  • Complete three Honors Contracts (two plus a thesis)
  • Present your research at least once
  • In your first two years, attend once a month a student-run seminar called "Colloquium" (we offer 10-12 a month on a wide range of topics)
  • Collect a certain number of Honors Points by participating in campus events, clubs, internships, etc.


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