Honors Points System

Honors Points System Honors Points System

Points Values 

Total point value to graduate with Honors: 150

Total point value to graduate with High Honors: 175

Total points to graduate with the Honors Medallion: 200

[*these points values are for students who joined as a first year, see "Points Requirements" page for additional values]

How do I get points?

Participation in an event (colloquium counts)

1 point

Participation in an event with a leadership component (leading a colloquium counts)

2 points

Participation in an event with a service component

3 points

Other SMC presentations (not for work or class credit)

2 points

Presenting research at SMC conference (including Spring Symposium)

3 points

Student jobs (Full and part-time)

3-5 points

* Depending on hours

Presenting research at conference (non-SMC)

5 points

Internships in career field (unpaid)

5 points

Successful completion of two days of service in a semester

5 points

Completion of course over summer (not receiving SMC academic credit for it)

5 points

Summer of Service

10 points

Honors Contracts/Honors Independent Studies

20 points

Honors Senior Thesis/Honors Senior Capstone

20 points

Independent Summer Research Contract w/ SMC faculty

20 points


Other forms of experience for which you are not receiving financial compensation or academic credit can also be petitioned for points (orchestra, service, attendance at academic events not required for a class, study abroad, etc.)

  • Transfer students should contact the Honors Director or Coordinator to work out their point goals
  • At least 60 points must derive from Honors Contracts, at most one Honors Independent Study, and at most one Senior Thesis
  • Students MUST end their freshman year with at least 10 points
  • Students MUST end their sophomore year with at least 35 points
  • Students MUST end their junior year with at least 75 points, of which at least 20 must come from an Honors Contract or Independent Study
  • For questions regarding points, please contact honors@stmarys-ca.edu