Art History, BA

Art History, BA


A major in art history will equip you to analyze works of visual art, from prehistory to the latter half of the 20th century, in a historical context. 

Our program combines the study of the History of Art and architecture with coursework in archeology, cultural anthropology, religious studies, and modern languages. By developing your critical skills in writing and visual analysis, we will prepare you for graduate study in art history, curatorial studies, or other related fields.


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Upon completion of the History of Art major, graduates have attained the following:

  • A general knowledge of the monuments and principal artists of all major art periods of the past, including a broad understanding of the art of the 20th century and acquaintance with the art history of non-Western cultures.
  • Functional knowledge of the creative process through foundation or other studio art courses.
  • More specific knowledge, in greater depth and precision, of several cultures and periods in the history of art and concentration in at least one area to the upper-division level. Study at the advanced level includes theory, analysis, methodology, and criticism.
  • Knowledge of the tools, methodologies, and techniques of scholarship. Active research and the writing of analytical, theoretical, and critical essays are reinforced throughout the program from the first lower-division survey course to the senior capstone project. 
  • An understanding of the role that art has played and can play in encouraging positive social change.
  • The ability to synthesize in written essays the interconnection between various forms of artistic expression.
  • Successful completion of a senior thesis—an in-depth study of a theme or issue in the history of art.

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