Classical Languages Department


Examine nearly 2000 years of the vital literature and culture of the Mediterranean world, from 1200 BCE to 600 CE.

In our program, you’ll delve into the languages, lives, and literature of the ancient Mediterranean. Your ultimate goal will be fluency in the language(s) you study; you’ll have the option to pursue both Latin and Greek or specialize in either. During your time at Saint Mary’s, your everyday vocabulary will expand, you’ll grow familiar with the social and cultural backdrop of the Greco-Roman world, and you’ll begin to appreciate the complex logical computations embedded in everyday speech. Your potential is just beginning to unfold; let us help it flourish.

A degree in Classical Languages will equip you for further graduate studies, be it in Classics, philosophy, art history, or archaeology, all fields that frequently necessitate fluency in an ancient language. Whether you major in Classics or not, the linguistic approaches and strategies you will develop with us are highly transferable to careers in science, law, and beyond.


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Mike Riley, Chair

Cathleen Huston, Assistant