English: Film, Drama, and Cultural Studies Concentration, BA

English: Film, Drama, and Cultural Studies Concentration, BA

As a Dramatic & Film Emphasis, you’ll also analyze and discuss exemplary works of theatre and cinema. Our program will provide you with a broad foundation in film history, aesthetics, and dramatic form, offering you the chance to dabble in screenwriting and playwriting. Your studies will culminate with an original work of literary scholarship, as you employ the skills you have refined throughout your time here. 

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Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the English Program, students will be able to...

  • Engage in informed, active reading, bringing to bear a broad base of literary, historical and cultural knowledge.
  • Read critically a wide range of literary texts, with an awareness of the theoretical assumptions behind various interpretive strategies, and the ability to choose appropriate methods of inquiry and to formulate clear questions.
  • Apply a variety of reading strategies, combining critical detachment with the intellectual, imaginative, and emotional engagement necessary for appreciation.
  • Write clear, well-reasoned prose for a variety of situations (academic, professional, social) for a variety of audiences and support their arguments with appropriate, thoughtfully analyzed evidence.
  • Converse articulately about texts and interpretations, understanding that interpretation is often a dialogic, collaborative process.
  • Evaluate critically how texts engage notions of diversity and difference.

Saint Mary's Testimonials

Amanda Benson

The faculty at Saint Mary's definitely changed my life. There was a lot of support that I don't think I would have found in a larger college setting. They grew to know me and what I was capable of. I felt like there was a definite kinship that developed where, however much effort I gave in my classes, my teachers were also supporting my goals.

Amanda Benson, '06

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