Art and Art History

Department of Art and Art History

The Department of Art and Art History is an innovative, laboratory program focused on the practice, history, and theory of art. Courses in a variety of subject media, historical periods, and theoretical orientation inspire students to consider and create art within a social, cultural, religious, aesthetic, and technological context. The catalyst for these interrelated fields of study is the diverse history of art and its status in contemporary society. The departmental faculty encourages students to embrace the liberal arts tradition with respect to critical thinking, self-discovery, and personal expression, while the college's Catholic and Lasallian traditions help to deepen and broaden the student's engagement with art.

A professor demonstrating to students surrounding artwork in an art class

The Art & Art History Degrees

A degree from the Department of Art and Art History has provided alumni with an appreciation of visual art as a way of knowing. Through personalized advising, the department prepares students to further their studies at the graduate level in curatorial studies, studio art, history of art, digital filmmaking, graphic design, art criticism, and other related fields.

All majors undertake an inclusive series of lower-division courses in the history, practice, and theory of art. These courses are intended to give a general overview of the variety and breadth of artistic media and practices. Upper division study provides greater depth in a given medium, historical period, or theoretical orientation. Acknowledging the importance of direct contact with diverse artistic practices, students in all three majors are encouraged to study abroad through the college’s many art-focused travel programs.

Bachelor of Arts: Art Practice
Bachelor of Arts: History of Art
Bachelor of Arts: Art Theory & Criticism