Major Requirements

Giving you the basic foundation that can be applied anywhere, everywhere.

Major Requirements

Students must complete the “Common Business Core” plus either the General Business program or one of six concentrations – Business Analytics, Marketing, Finance, Entrepreneurship, Global Business, or Digital Media.

The concentrations are designed for students motivated to explore critical business disciplines in greater depth, focus, and intensity for preparation for careers or graduate education in the field of the concentration. Students may choose to complete more than one concentration; however, doing so may extend their graduation timeline.

Lower Division (6 Courses)

The following six courses must be completed by the end of the sophomore year, unless a waiver has been obtained from the Business Administration Program Director or, in the case of BusAd 10, the student is a transfer entering as a junior.

** This course is waived for transfer students entering Saint Mary’s after their sophomore year.

Upper Division (7 Courses)

Important note on mathematics:
Math is a general education core requirement. The Business Department highly recommends that students complete this requirement — by taking either Math 3; Math 13 and 14; or Math 27 — before taking BusAd 40, Statistics; Accounting 2, Managerial Accounting; and Economics 4, Macroeconomics, and not later than the end of the sophomore year. This subject-area will provide needed analytical tools for success in business courses and is a pre-requisite for most upper-division BusAd courses. Students pursuing the Business Analytics conentration should take Math 27 or Math 13 and 14. The Department of Mathematics does not permit students to satisfy the Math requirement online. Seniors will not be admitted into Math 3, Finite Math.

General Business Major (No Concentration):

Two Required Courses:

Two Electives (from the following choices):

Business Administration Major with Concentration(s):