Community Partners

CILSA seeks to establish and maintain mutually beneficial relationships with local organizations and the communities they serve.

What is CILSA?

  • CILSA is not a volunteer service office.
  • It IS a place where partners can find ways to work with SMC students through academic courses in which they're enrolled. Community partners can work with faculty teaching these courses to plan what type of service students can provide during an academic term. This service can take many forms, including: direct service, indirect service, advocacy, policy and research assistance.
  • CILSA staff can also help community partners connect with other SMC campus resources, such as the Career Development Center which coordinates paid and unpaid internships and jobs. 

How does CILSA work with community partners?

  • CILSA staff members are happy to speak and meet with nonprofit staff to learn about the goals and needs of their organizations and consider how Saint Mary’s College students and faculty can help meet them.
  • As an academic office, CILSA specifically connects community partners with faculty and students for service-learning and community-based research projects. Additionally, CILSA student leaders in both the Social Action Leadership Team (SALT) and Jumpstart programs provide direct service to a number of local nonprofit organizations and schools.

How can I start working with CILSA and faculty and students at SMC?

  1. Contact us about your organization's interest in partnering with the College.
  2. Before doing so, consider checking out this short video about partnering with SMC for service-learning and community-based research projects.  These worksheets go with the video to help you brainstorm your organization's goals and needs.
  3. CILSA provides educational resources and professional development and networking opportunities for community partners. Additionally, our staff are here to connect you to other resources at SMC.

In what other ways can my organization connect with SMC students and faculty and the resources of the college?

  • Post internships (paid and unpaid) and job opportunities on the Career and Professional Development Service's website. Consider attending the annual Career & Internship Fair, which takes place the first week of October each year.
  • Attend a campus event (speaker, sports game, performance, etc.). Our beautiful campus is meant to be a resource for the broader community, too...especially our community partners!

Can I become a guest speaker in an SMC class or at a social justice education event?

  • Absolutely! Contact us with information about your interest and area(s) of expertise.