BAY Collaborative

BAY Collaborative

Bay Area Youth Collaborative


BAY (Bay Area Youth) Collaborative supports the academic achievement and social emotional development of middle and high school students engaged in the Teen Center at Alameda Point Collaborative. Our program and approach is grounded in the following theoretical orientations: trauma informed care and practice, an asset based community development perspective, and restorative justice practices. 

TEAM MEMBERS collaborate and form a mentorship with youth, while empowering them to have a say in what support they need during different moments of their lives. This support may look like college access guidance, academic mentoring, or various enrichment events and activities, such as local field trips, arts and crafts, team-building games, sports, and more!

PROGRAM INTERNS coordinate and lead a pod of team members. They provide leadership by facilitating meetings, coordinating training sessions, supporting recruitment efforts, and engaging directly with partners in the planning and execution of program goals. Most Program Interns have been previously involved in CILSA’s programs and are interested in growing in their leadership capacities. 

Student Benefits

  • Join community-based organizations engaged in supporting youth
  • Connect with mentors who are experts in the field of education
  • Explore career pathways related to education and youth development
  • Earn a competitive hourly wage
  • Receive training related to trauma informed care and practice, asset based community development, and restorative justice

Contact Adeline Diaz <> for more information.