Faculty Development

As a campus institute that reports to the Academic Vice Provost, CILSA supports faculty across the disciplines who are dedicated to community engagement and the common good.

Ongoing Faculty Development

CILSA provides individual, small-group, and departmental workshops and to enable faculty members to create new courses and revise existing ones.  Some topics for workshops, brownbags, and individual meetings include:

  • How service-learning and/or community-based research (CBR) courses can be developed to meet the learning goals of Community Engagement
  • How social justice courses can be developed to meet the new Core Curriulum learning goal of Common Good
  • Establishing partnerships with community organizations and connecting with CILSA's existing partners
  • Reflection strategies
  • Assessment of student learning and community service/research outcomes

CILSA's Faculty Development Cohort for Engaged Pedagogy


A small group of faculty members who have experience teaching service-learning meet as a learning community six times during the academic year to enhance their knowledge adn skills in the area of engaged teaching and learning.  EAch participant receives a "kit" of books and other resources.  The group meets for lunch provided by CILSA once a month during community time.  

A portion of the sessions includes workshops on specific skills related to engaged teaching and learning.  Topics include exploring a taxonomy of community engaged courses, publishing and presenting community engagement work, managing student teams in community engagement courses, critial reflection, and a walking tour of community neighborhoods where partner agencies are located.  The remainder of the session time is spent exploring and discussing participants' individual professional development plan designed to meet a specific scholarly goal.

Individual faculty and departments who are interested in faculty development in community engagement can contact Sarah Dempsey at sdd4@stmarys-ca.edu.