Project Highlights, Speakers, and Workshops

Project Highlights, Speakers, and Workshops


Gov Chaplaincy and Religious Diversity Training

The Center is proud to feature the following new and spotlighted projects, although we do much more. Be sure to explore the rest of our site for other ongoing projects.  

We also invite you to consider one or more of Our People for a speech or workshop for your event. See potential topics below and how to contact the Center with your inquiries.


New and Spotlighted Projects


Jay Phillips CenterThe Center will be collaborating with the Jay Phillips Center for Interreligious Studies at the University of St. Thomas on a series of public online live-streaming events. The first will be on September 23, 2020: “Defend the Sacred: Native American Religious Freedom Beyond the First Amendment” with Michael D. McNally, for which Dr. McGraw will serve as moderator. 


Center for Engaged Religious Pluralism LogoThe Center is working with an interdisciplinary team to develop a new executive leadership certificate: “Intercultural-Interfaith Leadership Certificate for Professionals, which launches summer 2021. The program has learning outcomes based on Dr. McGraw’s “Four Dimensions of Interfaith Leadership.” Further, it will focus on three areas in several modules—participants’ personal leadership development and the theory and practice of intercultural-interfaith leadership—and it is anticipated that it will be conducted in a hybrid format. For more information as the project develops, see Educational Initiatives.  


 Association of American Colleges and UniversitiesDuring the summers of 2018, 2019, and 2020, the Center’s director served as faculty for the "Institute on Teaching and Learning for Campus-Wide Interfaith Excellent” programs in partnership with the Association of American Colleges and Universities and the Interfaith Youth Core



Interfaith Leadership The Center collaborates with Saint Mary’s College’s Mission & Ministry Center on “Interfaith Solidarity Suppers” for Saint Mary’s Students. These events engage students with each other and with leaders of, and advocates for, diverse religions.   



Speakers & Workshops


Our Director and our Saint Mary’s College Internal Advisory Board Members are available to give speeches and workshops on interfaith and intercultural leadership and communication, and related topics. Speech and workshop topics include, but are not limited to, the following titles. If you are interested in retaining one of our Center's faculty for your event, please see Our People for more information about them and contact us at  

"Why Religious Literacy Matters for Business Professionals”
“Intercultural Communication for a Diverse Society”
“Value-Based Leadership"
“Transforming Leadership for a Religiously Diverse World”
“Applied Interfaith Leadership for the Professions” 
"Religious Pluralism in Government Institutions: Promise and Peril”
"Civil Discourse Across Sacred Boundaries.” 
“From Tolerance to Pluralism in the Public Square”
“Global Business Leaders as Interfaith Leaders: Religious Literacy and Cross-Cultural Leadership”
"Rediscovering America's Sacred Ground"
“Religious Pluralism and Religious Freedom: Perils and Possibilities for America’s Sacred Ground”

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