De sobremesa con ILaLS

De sobremesa con ILaLS
Take a listen to the fascinating speakers ILaLS brings to campus! 

Professor Eduardo Contreras visits SMC from Hunter College to talk about his book, "Latinos and the Liberal City"

Eric Larson is a comparative scholar of race, labor, and social movements in the neoliberal Americas

Lance Lattig, Adjunct Professor of SEBA and Human Rights Lawyer, speaking about the MS-13 gang and its relationship to Central American migration.

María Elena Durazo speaks on her experience as a SMC alumnus ('75) and how her time at SMC informs her commitment to social justice

Interview with Professor David Ayón on his latest book "Power Shift: How Latinos in California Transformed Politics in America" at the ILaLS fall event held on 10/22/2018

Interview with Ester Hernández, a San Francisco artist best known for her pastels, paintings and prints of Chicana and Latina women.