Resources for Dreamers (DACA recipients)

Resources for Dreamers (DACA recipients) Resources for Dreamers (DACA recipients)

World-renowned street artist Ron English has brought his visual art genius our way once again. English has invited other street artists to join him in creating a “Welcome Wall” along the U.S.-Mexico border as a counterpoint move against Trump’s projected 2,000-mile, “big beautiful wall.”…

The Institute for Latino and Latin American Studies is dedicated to supporting educational opportunities and a safe environment for all students, regardless of their immigration status. In a time of uncertainty and concern about federal government policy, we affirm our commitment to treat all students with equity and respect.This webpage will be updated regularly with information about on-campus events, programs and other resources for undocumented students. Scroll down for more information, including information on DACA, upcoming campus events and other information.