Classical Languages

If you thought Latin and ancient Greek were “dead” languages...think again.

Meet our Students and Faculty

Nowadays, many accomplished professionals – lawyers, doctors, computer analysts and business owners – sign up for Latin and Greek studies and find them both enjoyable and useful. If you are considering a career in law, for instance, there is no better preparation for the pitfalls of Legalese than the meticulous, logical approach to Greek and Latin texts (which we make sure you adopt as your own). Ditto about all you, future scientists – knowledge of the etymology of those Greco-Latin combo terms will make your studies much more enjoyable and effective. We will not even mention the overall cultural enrichment you get along the way – it’s one of the pragmatically desirable perks of Classical studies, students tell us.

Your ultimate goal is fluency in the language you study. Fluency involves familiarity with the non-linguistic aspects of the text as well – for instance, it will be impossible to read the daily news unless you know the names and background of the people mentioned, or abbreviations like CNN, NFL, etc. With us, you will become familiar with the non-linguistic context of Greek and Latin texts. Your everyday vocabulary will expand. You will begin to appreciate the complex logical computations embedded in everyday speech and use them well to your advantage.

Those of you planning to enter graduate studies in Classics, philosophy, art history, theology, archaeology, etc., should consider the language requirements in those programs: often you need to have at least one ancient language under your belt. The more preparation you receive in college, the less time and money you will need to gear up for graduate school later.

Whether you major in Classics or not, the linguistic approaches and strategies you will develop with us are highly transferable, no matter what your future plans may be. We also make sure you get a lot of personalized attention, too, since each student learns in his/her unique way. Your potential is just beginning to unfold; let us help it flourish.