Club Sports

Participating in Saint Mary's Club Sports Program is a dynamic and exciting experience led by SMC students and managed by Campus Recreation. Offering 15 different sports, each team is registered with local or national league affiliation and is dedicated to sportsmanship, competition, and personal development. 

Thank You to all of our Club Sport Seniors!

Men's Club Baseball: Harrison Armsby | Chris Ayon | Jack Neves

Men's Lacrosse: Kevin Atkinson | Ian Bilello | Patrick Fritzky | John Paul Head

Women's Lacrosse: Julia Espino | Hannah Bailey | Anne Marker

Rodeo: Dante Martin

Men's Club Soccer: Tyler Carino | Adam Courter | Daniel Czornyj | Alex Habash | Matthew White

Women's Club Soccer: Rocio Bonilla | Kellie DeMaria | Alyx Fairman | Hannah Fuller | Giselle Rocha | Kylie Ruff 

Stunt: Morgan Greenup | Kyara Walker

Club Tennis: Benjamin Khatirine | Brittany Leek

Men's Volleyball: Albert Ahedo | Bryan Bran | Derrick Canhola | Garrett Hill

Women's Club Volleyball: Savannah Fox | Maia Torneros |  Stephanie Pavlick

Women's Water Polo: Onuva Chowdhury

Men's Rugby: Tom Brusati | Connor Christensen | Joshua Lujan | Aaron Matthews | Ronan Murphy | Alex Shinohara | Adbullah Shami | Payton Telea-Ilalio

Women's Rugby: Taylor Bauerle | Deja-Monae Hermosillo | Hansell Miramontes | Janet Miramontes | Kelsey Plough | Ashley Torrecillas 


Lucy Moore ’21 Leads Saint Mary’s to the Rodeo

| Story and Photos by Haley Nelson

March 27, 2020

Lucy Moore leads Saint Mary's newest Club Sport: Rodeo! Check out Lucy's Story and more photos in the link! 


Special Update on Coronavirus Response

March 11, 2020

Dear Saint Mary’s Community,

I am following up on previous messages about support for Saint Mary’s students and the well-being of the community during this anxious time. Fortunately, at this time, the College has no confirmed cases of COVID-19. Even so, it is clear that in order to continue to prevent the spread of COVID-19 among students, staff, and faculty, we must take additional measures, including promoting social distancing on the campus, which is part of the evolving recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, California Department of Public Health, and Contra Costa County Public Health Department. This special update offers further guidance on SMC’s collective response to the spread of the Novel Coronavirus in Contra Costa County and the Bay Area.

Jane Camarillo, Ph.D.
COVID-19 Response Team



Over the past few months our teams have raised over $35,000 with gifts from more than 350 donors.  This semester, our Club Sports have been working to raise funds necessary to pay for travel and equipment.



View Live Stream Games Here

(CANCELLED) Sunday March 15th - 2p | Men's Soccer - SMC vs  Chico State @ SMC

(CANCELLED) Sunday March 22nd - 12p | Women's Soccer - SMC vs USF @ SMC


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Introducing our new Club Sport: RODEO! 

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Club Sport Forms

Club Sport Participant Manual

Incident Report Form

Motor Vehicle Use Form

Expense Report Form


Annual Club Sport Leadership Training

The Club Sports Leadership team serves the SMC community and fellow club sport athletes by participating in an annual week-long leadership training where they learn, review and develop an understanding of the following:

  • Leadership Position descriptions and duties
  • Student Particiation Requirements 
  • Basic expectations of participants
  • Institutional and departmental required documentation 
  • Risk management and Emergency action plan for club events
  • Club Sport team budget and purchasing procedures 
  • Travel  & Transporation policies and procedures 
  • Scheduling process and approvals 
  • CPR, AED & First Aid Training