Recreational Turf Field Policies


All organized group events or activities must be scheduled through the Office of Club Sports.  For information on this facility or to report concerns please call the Club Sports Department  (925-631-6297) or Campus Safety (925-631-4282).  In case of emergency or injury call Campus Safety (925-631-4282) or 911. 

The following is prohibited on Recreational Turf Field:
  1. All food and beverage products, except water contained in a resealable container., including gum, and shelled seeds or nuts (a serious allergy risk to others).                                                 
  2. Sharp objects such as tent stakes, corner flags, and poles that may penetrate or damage the turf.
  3. Chairs or benches (these items may puncture the turf or cause damage). Any chairs/bleachers must be on the blacktop area only.
  4. Portable heater and any open flame.  
  5. Metal cleats or high heeled shoes.
  6. Dogs or Other Pets.
  7. Any golfing or throwing activities such as hammer, shot, discus or javelin.
  8. Suntan lotions, oils or creams of any kind - Please apply sunblock prior to entering the turf area.
  9. The following are best practices to maintain the field lifespan

  10. Always Lift and Carry (DO NOT DRAG) Goals and Equipment,   
  11. Please deposit all trash in trash receptacles PROVIDED 
Protecting the synthetic turf from physical damage:
  1. The  Recreational Turf Field is a composite system consisting of synthetic grass fibers sewn into a mat. Between the fibers is a 1 ½ inch layer of small rubber pellets (infill). The rubber infill makes the grass stand up and is also the critical cushion between the player and the stone base beneath the mat. Foreign objects pose physical risks to the turf fibers, the mat, and the rubber infill. 

  2. Footwear is restricted to molded cleats (max 1/2"), turf shoes, or other soled athletic shoes such as cross-trainers or running shoes. Metal cleats or spikes are prohibited.  

  3. Protect the turf surface from sharp or pointed edges of objects or equipment placed on the field. When goals or other equipment are moved, they should be picked up off the turf.  Dragging goals, such as lacrosse goals and soccer goals will damage the turf.  

  4. Allow no sharp objects that would penetrate the turf.  
     Motorized vehicles or golf carts are not permitted on the turf.

  5. Any physical damage or disregard of policies by the user will result in denied use of the field. 

User Responsibility:
  1. Synthetic turf is not regenerated like natural grass, anything left on the turf remains there, posing health and safety hazards as well as general degradation of the turf.  

  2. You are responsible to leave the field as clean and ready for the next user. When you are done, please inspect the field and remove anything left by your players or spectators, such as trash, athletic tape, or equipment. Be very careful to remove all mouth guards left by players (a biological hazard). Have your participants walk the field in a line at the end of their event. 

  3. Cleaning spills and participant fluids: Spills of foreign substances should be removed as quickly as possible. Thoroughly rinse any cleaning attempts to avoid slippery areas that could result in injury. Contact the Campus Recreation Services office or Student Manager for assistance if needed.  

  4. In the event that a user has left the fields without cleaning up or has allowed sunflower seeds and/or gum onto the field turf.  A cleaning fee will be charged. 

Hazardous Waste: 
  1. In the event of an accident or injury resulting in bodily fluids onto turf, stop all activity and contract the office of Club Sports. You may resume play once the hazardous area is cleaned up. 

  2. Avoid spitting on the turf.

  3. Notify the office of Club Sports  if any areas of the turf are damaged or deficient.