Outstanding Scholar Award


Past Recipients

2023 Manisha Anantharaman, Justice, Community and Leadership

2022 Sonya SchuhBiology

2022 Lysley TenorioEnglish | Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing

2020 Ellen VeomettMath and Computer Science

2019 Elena SongsterHistory

2018 Hisham AhmedPolitics

2017 Myrna SantiagoHistory

2016 Saroja SubrahmanyanBusiness

2015 Janice DoaneEnglish

2014 Ronald P. OlowinPhysics

2013 Gretchen Lemke-SantangeloHistory

2012 David AlvarezPolitics

2011 Carl GuarneriHistory


The purpose of the Saint Mary’s College Outstanding Scholar Award is to recognize tenured faculty at Saint Mary’s College who have excelled in the areas of scholarship or creative activity, evidenced by their peer-reviewed publications, other scholarly and creative activities, and/or success in securing external funds for their research.


To be eligible for the Outstanding Scholar Award, an individual must:

  1. Be a tenured faculty member at Saint Mary’s College;
  2. Not have received this award in the past ten years.

Nomination Process

  • Nominations for this award may come from the faculty, Chairs, and/or Deans. Self-nominations are also allowed. 
  • A nomination describing how the nominee meets the selection criteria below
  • Nominations should describe the accomplishments of the nominee in scholarship or creative performance/production in an appropriate fashion to the award criteria. Nominations should include descriptions of why the research is notable (e.g. acceptance rates of journals, etc.).
  • C.V. of the nominee 

Nomination Deadline

February 29th, 2023 by 11:59pm.

Selection Process

The Director of Faculty Development and the Committee on Teaching, Learning, and Scholarship constitute the selection committee based on the criteria listed below. The award recipient will be announced at the Scholar’s Reception in March 15th, 2024. 

Selection Criteria

In evaluating candidates for this award, consideration will be given to the nominee’s history of scholarship and/or creative activities, recognition of outstanding achievements by peers, and importance of the work to the discipline and beyond. Evidence of such scholarly activity includes:

  1. Publications in peer-reviewed research journals, exhibits/performances in renowned galleries, festivals, conferences and/or authorship of scholarly books; and/or
  2. Funded contract and/or grant activity that demonstrate ways in which the nominee contributes to the improvement of the infrastructure, research capability, and recognition of Saint Mary’s College.
  3. Scholarship has had a significant impact on the field (breakthrough work, won awards, assigned in courses, high impact factor of journal or publisher).

Form of Award

Each award recipient will receive a certificate and monetary award to be used at the recipient’s discretion. A permanent plaque listing annual award recipients will be on display in the Academic Affairs Library. If there are no suitable candidates in a given year, the award will be withheld.