Fire Preparedness

Fire Preparedness Fire Preparedness

Fire Preparedness

In the Event of a Fire:

If you discover a fire on campus, pull the Fire Alarm and Call 911.  You can also contact Public Safety at (925) 631-4282 from any campus phone:

  1. Use the Blue Light call boxes located throughout campus, just press the RED button.
  2. Remain calm; give your name, location and telephone number, nature and type of emergency. If possible stay on the phone with the officer until directed.

If you see smoke or flames:


  • Contain the fire by closing all doors as you leave
  • Activate the nearest Fire Alarm pull station (Pull stations are located near all building exits)
  • Evacuate or extinguish (In most cases, it is best to Evacuate)
  • Report the fire by dialing 911

 Use a Fire Extinguisher only if:

  • You have been trained
  • You have your back to an unobstructed exit
  • You have a fully charged and proper type unit for the fire you are fighting
  • The fire is contained, and you have reported the fire by Fire Alarm or 911 activation
  • Everyone else has left the area
  • There is little smoke or flames

Never fight a fire if:

  • You lack a safe way to escape should your efforts fail
  • It has left its source of origin
  • You are unsure of the type of extinguisher you need or have
  • If you can’t control the fire within 30 seconds, abandon your efforts, close the door(s) and evacuate immediately.

How to use a Fire Extinguisher

Immediate readiness to evacuate is essential. Fire extinguisher should only be used on very small fires and if you feel comfortable using one. Never enter a room that is smoke filled. Never enter a room containing a fire or if the door is warm to the touch.

P - Pull the pin located in the extinguisher's handle.

A - Aim the nozzle, horn, or hose at the base of the fire.

S - Squeeze or press the handles together.

S - Sweep from side to side at the base of the fire until it is out.

After the fire has been completely extinguished, notify Public Safety at (925) 631-4282.

Small Fire (Wastebasket Size)

Pull the fire alarm and call Public Safety at ext. 4282. Alert people in the area to begin evacuation. Assist those with disabilities.  If you have been trained to use a fire extinguisher, while keeping an exit path available behind you, bring the extinguisher within six feet of the fire.

Large Fire

In the event of a large fire, do not attempt to put out the fire using a fire extinguisher.

Pull the fire alarm and call Public Safety at ext. 4282. Alert people in the area to begin evacuation. Assist those with disabilities.

Close doors to confine the fire.

Move to an outside area away and upwind from the building. Your department may designate an assembly area where everyone can meet.

Have persons knowledgeable about the incident and location assist emergency personnel if asked.

If Trapped in a Room

Place cloth material around/under door to prevent smoke from entering the room.

Close as many doors as possible between you and the fire.

DO NOT open or break windows unless necessary to escape.

Be prepared to signal your location through a window.

If Caught in Smoke

Drop to hands and knees and crawl; hold breath as much as possible; breathe through a filter (blouse, shirt, jacket, etc) and through your nose.

Advancing through Flames

If forced to advance through flame, hold your breath; move quickly; cover head and hair; keep head down and keep eyes closed as much as possible.