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Lidet Alemu
Class of 2014

I graduated from Saint Mary’s in 2014, with a BA in International Areas studies with an area focus in Africa and as a History minor.  IAS is an exciting major that exposed me to different several global and local issues both in my classrooms and through my study abroad experience. After college I worked as an intern for the International Rescue Committee as a resettlement and placement intern at their Oakland office. My focus at IRC was on providing an education to help women and young refugees with their resettlement process in the United States. The scope of my work ranged from research, enrollment, and education on public assistance programs. After completing my internship I took a job as a fundraiser for a children’s charity called Children international. As a fundraiser I went to different places in the bay area to spread the mission of the charity, and fundraise for the organization. I am currently in the process of applying to graduate school to study public health, and I plan to work as a health educator both in my community and abroad in the future.