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Are you interested in an internationally oriented career path? 

Graduates will be in a position to work for the ever-growing number of international agencies, organizations and businesses. Increasingly, language proficiency and overseas experience are requirements for jobs. Employers seek persons experienced and qualified to function in another language and culture.

Others go on to graduate school in international business, international studies, or in their minor field. Most major universities have graduate area studies programs that offer a natural next step for students interested in further developing their expertise. 

Beyond career advancement, many students will find that the immersion in another culture expands their understanding of the human experience and permanently enriches their lives.

For Career Strategies, Graduate and Professional School Advising, and Connections - For Profit and Non-Profit Employer Possibilities

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Other Opportunities:

--2/27/18   AAUW Scholarship-

Grad scholarship for women who have done community service. See PDF in the Files section below
--3/6/18   Summer Teaching Positions Available with The Institute of Reading Development. You are invited to submit an application and learn more about teaching for the Institute at:
---3/6/18   Accommodation scholarships for the Internship Program in A Coruña. The accommodation scholarship consists in FREE ACCOMMODATION  in an individual room in a shared apartment. Please see PDF in the Files section below.  You can also watch a video about A Coruña city here:
---3/7/18  Carleton College Global Engagement Opportunity:
Program application deadlineMarch 15*
Scholarship application deadlineMarch 30
*Late applications may be accepted on a space-available basis - please contact us regarding availability.

---3/14/18  "Summer University Prague 2018: Project Europe at a Crossroads",
Academic Program taking place at Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic) during September 2018 (September 8 – 22).  See Attachment below in the Files section.

Facebook: Spring and Summer Universities Prague