Teaching, MA - Learning Outcomes

The Master of Arts in Teaching focuses on two things: deepening your knowledge of the content area(s) that you teach, and increasing your expertise in delivering that content to your students.

It also engages you in contemporary issues in education—and exposes you to the latest research into how learning happens and how to support it more effectively.

After completing the Master of Arts in Teaching degree, you will:

  • Have a deeper understanding of content knowledge, pedagogical knowledge, and pedagogical content knowledge
  • Be able to summarize and apply recent research about subject matter instruction in K-12 settings, as well as major learning theories
  • Have created a web-based collection of content-specific educational resources for your selected subject area and topic—including primary, secondary, and experiential resources
  • Have completed a Capstone Project synthesizing your learning throughout the program in a substantial, applied educational product, such as a curriculum unit, website, or other original work