Teaching, MA Program Details

Teaching, MA Program Details Teaching, MA Program Details

The Master of Arts in Teaching is an individualized, project-based graduate program for teachers who want to deepen their knowledge of how to teach their subject, as well as enhance their understanding of contemporary educational issues.


How long is the program?

The program is made up of four core courses as well as one elective, if you completed your credential at Saint Mary's College, or two electives otherwise. It can be completed in as few as 7 months. Alternatively, courses can be spread out over multiple years. It is possible to take classes only during summers if that is most convenient for you. Typically, students complete the program in 11 months (the accelerated 7-month schedule is recommended only for students who can attend full-time during the summer, with no other commitments). The program must be completed within 5 years.

The program culminates in the design of an original Capstone Project, to be used in the classroom or broader school community.


Required courses

  • MAIT 401 Introduction to Inquiry (1 unit)
  • MAIT 402 Content Knowledge (3 units)
  • MAIT 403 Pedagogical Knowledge (3 units)
  • MAIT 404 Capstone Project (2 units*; may be repeated)
  • One or two electives (see below)*

*Effective for students admitted to the MAT Summer 2017 or later


A word about electives

In order to broaden your graduate level knowledge, students who have completed their credential at Saint Mary’s College are required to take one 3-unit elective (or the equivalent); those with credentials from outside Saint Mary’s take two 3-unit electives (or the equivalent). Electives are offered Fall, Spring and Summer, and may be taken at any time during the program. The elective MAIT Special Topics in Education, with rotating topics, is offered at reduced tuition for MAT students. See the Files below for a list of electives for the current academic year.


Capstone Project

Your Capstone Project allows you to bring together your experience and new knowledge of content and pedagogy to create an original applied educational product, for example, a curriculum unit, website, professional development experience, etc. This final project is completed with the support of a Project Chair, and on completion is presented to the KSOE and broader community.

For examples of Capstone Projects completed by graduates of the MAT program, browse: https://sites.google.com/site/smcmatprogram/


Total Number of Units

For Saint Mary’s College credential students:
There are 12 units of required SMC courses plus the units accepted from your SMC credential. 

Multiple Subject: 36 MSTE credential units + 12 MAT units = 48 units 
Single Subject: 35 SSTE credential units + 12 MAT units = 47 units
Education Specialist: 32 SPED credential units + 12 MAT units = 44 units

For non-Saint Mary’s College credential students:
30 units total: 15 units of required SMC courses plus the 15 units accepted from the credential program you completed.