Graduation Requirements

Graduation Requirements Graduation Requirements

Degree Completion

Students must complete the requisite coursework to advance to M.F.A. candidacy, meet deadlines, and submit their final thesis project to ProQuest to earn their degree. Graduation requirements include the following:      

1.  Successful completions of all required courses totaling 60 units

2.  Successful completions of thesis research paper and project

3. Completion of thesis panels

4.  Thesis turned in to Proquest


1. Successful completion of all required courses totaling 60 units

Creating your academic plan with the help of your advisor is the key for a prompt and successful completion of your course-work requirements.  At the end of your last June, once all grades have been published, the Registrar will conduct a degree audit to confirm that all coursework requirements, including both components of your thesis, have been met.

2. Successful completion of thesis research paper and project

The Thesis course is the culmination of the MFA in Dance. The student’s creative process is guided and supervised by the Thesis chair assigned to them. During the last year of the MFA course of study, the student is expected to finish the two components of the Thesis project: (1) creation of the Thesis artistic work and (2) written document. Both of these Thesis elements are intended to demonstrate the knowledge and understanding gained in all the other parts of the MFA program.

3. Completion of thesis panels

After completion of the thesis presentation and final paper submission, the student will defend their work to a panel made up of program faculty and the student's Thesis Chair. The student is expected to complete their panels within a week of presenting their project. 

4. Thesis upload to ProQuest

Once the final draft of your thesis document has been signed off by your Thesis Chair and other required signees, you will upload your thesis to ProQuest with assistance from the college library. You are able to order bound copies of your document through the ProQuest website.

School and Department Information

Rogelio Lopez
Program Director, Graduate Programs in Dance

Collin Skeen
Assistant Director of Admissions and Recruitment